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My first sermon

24 Jan

Last Sunday I preached my first sermon. Originally intended to be an overview of the first letter of Peter, I instead dealt with chapter 1 verse 1 to chapter 2 verse 12. I hope to have more opportunities to deal with the rest of the book.
This recording is of me preaching at my home congregation (Grace Presbyterian Church, Wodonga) and is in fact the second time I preached this sermon. The first was at Rutherglen Presbyterian Church about 2 hours before. I think my best delivery was saved for later that day when I preached at Albury Presbyterian, and I hope to include audio of that here too as soon as I receive a copy of the recording.
I had hoped to embed the audio here, but am giving up for now. The recording is hosted here.

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16 Jan

This evening I went out for dinner with my 3 siblings for the first time without our parents. My youngest brother graduates from high school in a month. My sister is living out of home and my brother has been in his own house for the past year. Sitting around the table without Mum and Dad, we were no longer children.
One of my workmates and close friends is moving 15 time zones away. We ran into him and his wife at dinner. This was the third time I’d said goodbye to him. Could it really be 2 and a half years since he nominated me to become manager of our radio station at age 19?
Two large envelopes arrived yesterday with my last assignments for last year’s Workplace Training course. Looks like I passed. Another large envelope arrived today. “Congratulations on receiving an offer of a place in the Graduate Diploma in Vocational Education and Training…” Is this my next step?
Time doesn’t stand still. Where will I be after these moments?

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4 things for 2009

01 Jan

2009! Seems like I’m not done with 2008 yet.
There are 4 things I want to do this year, but they mostly come back to one thing: Spend more time with God.
1. Watch less TV/spend less time online. This is an occupational hazard. I did pretty well in “Developing General Knowledge” when I trained in broadcasting.

2. Read more.
At least a dozen books sit on my shelf that I didn’t get to in the last 12 months. Plus, being the 500th anniversary of the birth of John Calvin, I want to read the Institutes of the Christian Religion this year too, see reading plan here (PDF). Not surprisingly it is sold out at!
3. Pray more.
It’s so easy to start praying and then drift off into something else. It happened to me this morning. I’m going to print out this list from John Piper of what the New Testament church prayed for. I’m also thinking of developing a list of things to keep praying for.

4. Read the Bible with someone.
Again today I’ve been assailed by the idea of one-on-one Bible reading (taking an hour a week to read aloud with someone, apply it and pray with each other). This also happened at a ministry training day last year.

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"… What is your life? It is even a vapour that appears for a little time and then vanishes away." James 4:14.